CBD Has Become Popular For its Properties, But Can it Cure it All?

CBD has become widely popular for its promising properties, and here is what everyone has to say about it:

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural compound found in hemp plants, inspiring new and healthier ways to care for patients with different medical conditions. Many studies suggest that this compound could be a great natural way to ease any discomforts caused by illnesses or harsh treatments/medications. CBD is currently one of the most prevalent compounds infused in products, given its positive reviews. But does it work the same for everyone? Can it cure it all?  


Is CBD Safe?

Three years ago, nobody knew what CBD was and what it can do for our well-being. Still, the current health trends have opened the door for new emerging options of natural remedies that possess potential therapeutic qualities. Studies on CBD’s benefits have been done, showing great potential to include it as an active aid in patient care eventually.

However, many more studies must be done to fully demonstrate the extent of CBD’s benefits and how effective it truly is. Despite all its hype, current evidence can only fully support that CBD is safe, and most people can handle it well. The media has always been quick to blow up claims for the sake of sales, but the truth is, CBD should only be used as an alternative therapy if recommended by a qualified physician.  


Science VS Marketing

Some scientists defend CBD's therapeutic potential, while others suggest these effects might be placebo. For now, only one thing is for sure, CBD is here to stay, and only time can tell how miraculous it is. Despite mixed results in clinical trials, CBD has not discouraged its followers in the scientific community. The effectiveness it shows is not followed by the usual adverse side effects most other pharmacological drugs have. 

CBD may not be the miracle compound the media has shaped it up to be, but clinical study results do leave open the possibility of doing some good. History has shown that we tend to fear what is unknown, but even if its curative potential is only a fraction of what is believed, we will still be on the right track to finding new, more natural alternatives to better our well-being.

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