CBD Infused Coffee, the Perfect Partnership! Here’s Why:

Studies and Consumers Prove How CBD and Coffee Make A Perfect Partnership.

Imagine drinking a cup of coffee that will not only give you that energy boost we all need to keep up with the day, but one that may also reduce stress, anxiety and relieve those body aches that have been bothering you for a while, ALL at the same time?

At Supreme Origin, we are excited to share a CBD coffee formula that could aid with all physical and psychological troubles as you enjoy your daily cup of coffee!

Reasons Why CBD Coffee Is Better

But how is this possible? Isn’t coffee supposed to energize you while CBD calms you…? 

This is a general thought that most interested consumers wonder about, and here is the breakdown:

First and foremost, it is essential to understand what CBD is and what it does to our systems.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural compound found in cannabis that does not cause psychoactive effects, unlike other compounds derived from hemp plants. Studies on CBD have shown potential health benefits that may strengthen physical and psychological health, as it is generally not harmful nor intoxicating for humans. 

These benefits are possible given that our human bodies have something called an endocannabinoid system, for real! Our endocannabinoid system responds to the cannabidiol receptors in CBD, working as neurotransmitters, that when bound, release a cascade of potential health benefits into our systems.

So why is it the perfect formula? How does it work?

At Supreme Origin, we believed that creating a formula that involved these two products could serve as the perfect combination that releases their multiple benefits while also balancing each other out. The intensity of caffeine that sometimes causes a negative stimulus is balanced out by CBD’s serotonin binding mechanism. 

Why CBD Coffee

Just like caffeine, cannabinoids are also an antioxidant!

Coffee contains essential nutrients which help raise our energy levels, improve our physical performance, and possess a thermogenic effect that aids in fat burning. In addition, through its consumption, coffee can lower the risk for diseases like type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and Dementia.

CBD may also reduce the risk of experiencing health-threatening conditions such as seizures, convulsions, high blood sugar, and generalized inflammation. Other potential benefits may include stress, anxiety, and pain aid.

Our CBD Infused Coffees:

Our products bring together the world’s finest coffees and highest quality cannabinoids to create a unique and improved coffee experience. 

Supreme Origin customers benefit from a combination of award-winning and organic ingredients. This allows you to enjoy all the nutrients found in coffee, plus the health-promoting agents found in our CBD extracts from Nature’s Root farms.

CBD has become very popular in the health and wellness industry due to its various properties and is now being found in products everywhere, such as skin care, lotions, vaping, gummies, foods, etc.

Whether you are already a coffee drinker looking to spice up your morning brew or someone looking to start a wellness journey through better food selection, Supreme Origin’s CBD coffee is the way to go. It is a safe, legal, and a delicious way to energize our bodies and potentially better our health.

ALWAYS consult your physician before taking any medicinal product or changing any routines. This information does not intend to diagnose any medical conditions, replace any current treatments, or supplant your healthcare professional. 

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