From Seed to Cup: Our CBD Infused Coffee Process

Have you ever wondered how your favorite Supreme Origin CBD coffee blends are made? We take great pride in our entire coffee production process, and this is how it goes.

For us, coffee harvesting is a form of art, and we put a lot of effort into perfecting our production methods. Our innovative techniques guarantee the best coffee while providing our consumers with full traceability of our coffee blends.

We are committed to using sustainable harvesting practices to preserve the soil quality and have the most negligible impact on the ecosystem. Our coffee beans come from small plantations in Colombia, where our harvesters work hard to collect and inspect only the best coffee cherries for the next step.

Supreme Origin CBD Coffee Line Up


The Process

To produce our award-winning coffee blends, we first must ensure we have the coffee trees' proper environmental conditions. We chose the Tolima and Huila regions in Colombia, known for their specific altitude and rainfall. These two regions are known for producing the best coffees on the market thanks to their unique environment, conducive to optimal growth and development of the plants.

More rainfall means cooler temperatures for harvesting, something crucial for the coffee seed maturation as it helps develop its sweetness, acidity, and flavor. A newly planted coffee tree can take between 3-4 years to start bearing its first fruits. The fruit is called a coffee cherry and is selectively hand-picked by our workers during their peak ripeness.

Our best coffee is produced using the finest arabica beans for their premium quality and taste. Once the coffee cherries are picked, the fermentation process must begin rapidly to avoid any spoilage. Our fermentation process is slow, but it ensures each fruit is dried perfectly, lowering its moisture to a perfect level. Once the beans are dried, they are ready to be hulled, graded, and sorted using state-of-the-art machinery. Our workers do a final inspection of the milled beans before they are packed and shipped for CBD infusion.

Mauricio Shattah: Coffee Expert & Innovator

The Team

Before exporting the beans, they are cupped and roasted by Mauricio Shattah, a renowned award-winning coffee expert. Our beans are then infused in Colorado, using our partner Nature's Roots most refined organic broad-spectrum CBD extract with a wide range of cannabinoids. Still, virtually no THC (Component known for producing the "high effect.")

The infusion process is complex, but essentially the natural oils from the coffee beans are expressed, infused with the cannabinoids, and left again to cure. This allows our coffee blends to bring you the best coffee experience with the perfect CBD per serving.

Our CBD Infused Coffees

Once infused, the beans are grounded, packed, and ready to be enjoyed at any time of the day! Through our premium CBD-infused coffees, we can assure our customers will get the best-tasting Colombian coffee infused with the highest quality, non-psychoactive cannabinoids blend.

ALWAYS consult your physician before taking any medicinal product or changing any routines. This information does not intend to diagnose any medical conditions, replace any current treatments, or supplant your healthcare professional. 

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