What Makes Supreme Origin Coffees The Best?

Our coffees are crafted by the best growers in the industry, aside from also being harvested at the best coffee growing country in the world, Colombia.

Have you ever wondered what separates good coffee from great coffee? Coffee has been around for more than 200 years, and avid coffee lovers have since been constantly searching for that perfect cup. From the coffee beans to the brewing method, a perfect cup is composed of many vital parts that come together in perfect unison to make your favorite morning beverage so enjoyable. 

There has long been a debate about where the best coffee is made. For decades, Colombia has been one of the world's leading coffee exporters, loved by coffee fans worldwide. If you ever wonder what makes Colombian coffee so good and sought after, its success can be attributed to a mirage of different factors. 

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Colombian Coffee

Coffee beans grow best at high-altitude locations, with the appropriate rainfall and temperature conditions. The harvesting technique also plays a crucial role, with most Colombian coffee beans being hand-picked. This method may seem very labor-intensive, but only through it can the best beans be selected. Each coffee Finca has its protocols, but Colombian Fincas are known for having very high standards regarding coffee. Its superior quality and attention to detail have made Colombian coffee a product that makes Colombians worldwide proud. 

Colombia is a big nation with multiple regions where coffee is grown, but the primary coffee-growing area is called the Eje Cafetero. This region is known for having high altitudes and regular rainfall. Although the climate is cold, it does not go below 0, preventing the coffee beans from being exposed to frost. The soil from this region is volcanic and special, helping to give the coffee beans a very distinctive and delicious taste. This region's biodiversity allows for coffee beans to grow and mature perfectly, with banana trees serving to provide shade from the sun during the day. 

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Where the best organic coffee is grown:

However, coffee beans aren't grown exclusively in the Eje Cafetero; some other regions, such as Tolima and Northern Santander, also provide exquisite and top-grade coffee known to have less acidic and sweeter tonalities.

Colombia has the perfect coffee for every taste and will undoubtedly continue to be one of the world's most exemplary coffee exporters for many years more. The exquisite Arabica bean is different because it contains more lipids and sugar, giving the coffee a better taste, aroma, and body. 

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Supreme Origin CBD-Infused Coffees

Supreme Origin uses ONLY Colombian Arabica beans, making our coffees rich and delicious. As a brand and team, we are aware that everyone has different tastes, and it is for that reason that we have masterly crafted the best organic coffee from some of the best  regions in Colombia for coffee growing. Our coffees are grown by coffee innovator and award-winner Mauricio Shattah, and infused with organic hemp-derived and also award-winning CBD. 

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