Our products are curated, cupped, and roasted by Mauricio Shattah, one of the most innovative coffee makers globally. He is a renowned and frequent guest speaker at events on coffee production (both growing and processing). Many acclaimed baristas worldwide have used his award-winning coffees, considering them "growing works of art."

At Supreme Origin, we think business and ethics should go hand in hand. We believe in providing sustainable livelihoods to our local farmers and workers, which is why we follow ethical, fair-trade practices.

We travel worldwide, finding unique coffee gems to infuse them with award-winning hemp-based cannabinoids to provide you the finest experience in every cup.

Supreme Origin Coffee:

- Medium potency blend infused with broad-spectrum CBD.

- Third-party testing to ensure full traceability.

- Top-grade coffee beans grown through innovative procedures.

- Infused with Colorado-grown organic CBD.

- Supports sustainable livelihoods for our farm workers through fair wages.