About Us

Connecting Mindful Consumption with the Cannabis World, Advocating for Fairness, and Restoring Communities Impacted by the War on Drugs.

Supreme Origin: Revolutionizing Cannabis with a Commitment to Social Justice.

Guided by Danny Jaiquel, a fervent 20-year advocate for communities affected by the War on Drugs, our vision goes beyond ordinary cannabis business.

Motivated by Danny's remarkable journey, we dedicate ourselves to empowering the overlooked, guaranteeing them both opportunities and acknowledgment within our brand. This passion infuses each unique product we create, earning admiration from people worldwide.

Join us in a movement that's about more than just great products.

We work with the Farmers Recovering from Conflict Initiative, showing our commitment to real, positive change. By helping farmers use sustainable methods, we make sure our products are not only top-quality but also make a good impact on society.

Our team is all about doing good and showing what cannabis can really do. With us, it’s not just about buying something; it’s about being part of something that makes a difference. Be part of our mission. At Supreme Origin, every choice you make helps change the world for the better.